Thursday, February 04, 2021

More on the gold-tongued mummy

UPDATE: Archaeologists Find a Mummy With a Golden Tongue. The tongue, found at a temple on the outskirts of Alexandria, Egypt, was probably meant to help the deceased speak in the afterlife, experts said. (Jacey Fortin, NYT). This article has new details. It is worth a read.

Were there multiple gold-tongued mummies or just one? This article preserves the ambiguity.

Archaeologists working at a temple on the outskirts of the Egyptian city of Alexandria have found 16 human burial chambers there, the government’s ministry of tourism and antiquities announced on Friday.

At least one contained a human skull with a golden tongue nestled in its jawbone.

"At least one." It seems the writer doesn't know either. This shouldn't be hard. Would someone associated with the excavation please tell us how many mummies excavated at the site had a gold tongue? I would be happy to post the clarification here.

The article does confirm that the excavators came to Taposiris Magna looking for Cleopatra's tomb, but so far they have not found it.

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