Saturday, March 20, 2021

Another review of Kaufman, Rebel Daughter

BOOK REVIEW: Story of a Roman freedman and a Jewish girl explored in new book. Exploring the mystery of a cryptic gravestone in southern Italy (Neville Teller, Jerusalem Post).
The idea for Rebel Daughter stems from an inscription on an ancient gravestone discovered in southern Italy. It commemorates the death, at the age of 25, of “Claudia Aster, captive from Jerusalem,” and was erected by “Tiberius Claudius Masculus, freedman of the emperor.”

Kaufmann began to speculate about the sort of events that might have brought these two people together – a Roman freedman and a Jewish girl originally named Esther (Aster is the Romanized version) who was taken captive during the uprising in Jerusalem and brought to Italy.

Flavius Josephus becomes involved in the story.

For another review of this recent novel by Lori Kaufmann, see here.

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