Sunday, March 14, 2021

Evans & White, Who Created Christianity? (Hendrickson)

Who Created Christianity?: Fresh Approaches to the Relationship between Paul and Jesus - eBook

Edited By: Craig S. Evans, Aaron W. White


Product Description

Who Created Christianity? is a collection of essays by top international Christian scholars who desire to reinforce the relationship that Paul had with Jesus and Christianity. There is a general sense today among Christians in certain circles that Paul's teachings to the early Christian church are thought to be "rogue," even clashing at times with Jesus' words. Yet these essays set out to prove that the tradition that Paul passes on is one received from Jesus, not separate from it.

The essays in this volume come from a diverse and international group of scholars. They offer up-to-date studies of the teachings of Paul and how the specific teachings directly relate to the earlier teachings of Jesus. This volume explores with even greater focus than ever before the tradition from which Paul emerges and the specific teachings that are part of this tradition. This collection of essays proposes a complementary work to the work of David Wenham and his thesis that Paul was indeed not the founder of Christianity or the creator of Christian dogma; instead, he was a faithful disciple and a conveyer of a prior Christian tradition.

Contributors include:

  • T. Wright on how and why Paul invented "Christian theology"
  • Stanley Porter on when Paul met Jesus
  • Sarah Harris on female followers of Jesus and Paul
  • Rainer Riesner on Paul and the Jesus tradition
  • and many others, including Michael Bird, Craig Blomberg, Greg Beale, Bruce Chilton, Alister McGrath, and Joan Taylor

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