Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Cartagena to conserve Phoenician shipwreck

PHOENICIAN WATCH: 2700 year old shipwreck to be moved to Cartagena museum.
It has now been confirmed that the remains of a 2700-year-old Phoenician shipwreck, that has laid just off the beach of Playa de la Isla in Puerto de Mazarron since 700 BC will be moved to the Arqua museum in Mazarron where it will be restored.


Cross-file under Marine (Maritime, Underwater) Archaeology. For more PaleoJudaica posts on ancient shipwrecks, see here and links.

The Spanish town of Cartagena makes good use of the tourist potential for its ancient Punic heritage. And some exciting archaeology has been happening there recently. For posts on Cartagena and its annual Romans and Carthaginians Festival, see here and links.

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