Friday, June 04, 2021

Fake and real news about the Shapira scroll affair

SOME NINETEENTH CENTURY FAKE NEWS is debunked by Michael Press in a Twitter thread. Shapira didn't ask for £1,000,000.

HT Rogue Classicism.

Now here's some real Shapira news from Daniel Stoekl, circulated in various places:

A scholarly webinar on Idan Dershowitz' recent reassessment of the Shapira documents

Please register here:

June 10, 2021
3-8 pm CEST // 9 am - 2 pm EDT
3 pm CEST

Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra (EPHE, PSL), Introduction - 10'
Idan Dershowitz (U Potsdam) and Naama Pat-El (UT Austin), New
Observations and Reactions on the Valediction of Moses - 30'
Rebecca Jefferson (U Florida), Moses Shapira’s Manuscript Sales - 10'
Benjamin Sass (Tel Aviv U), A Note on the Palaeography - 10'
Matthieu Richelle (UCLouvain), Paleography- 10'

Pause 30 min

4:40 pm CEST Robert Holmstedt (U Toronto), Linguistics - 15'
Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra (EPHE, PSL), Dead Sea Scrolls - 10'
Konrad Schmid (U Zurich), Is V a Literary Precursor to Deuteronomy? - 15'
Jeffrey Stackert (U Chicago), Hebrew Bible - 10'

Pause 30 min

From 6 pm CEST: General Discussion

Please register here in order to receive the webinar link.

I have some conflicting meetings on that day, but I shall be able to attend part of it.

For background on the Shapira affair and recent reassessments arguing that his scroll was a genuine ancient artifact, see here, here, here and links.

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