Thursday, June 03, 2021

Hobby Lobby sues Dirk Obbink

LITIGATION: Hobby Lobby Sues Oxford Professor Over Stolen Bible Artifacts. Facing separate criminal charges over the theft of ancient Egyptian papyrus, professor Dirk Obbink has called allegations against him “entirely false” (NINA PULLANO, Courthouse News Service).
BROOKLYN (CN) — Craft chain Hobby Lobby is going to court again, this time to recover some $7 million it paid a former Oxford University classics professor for ancient fragments of the Christian gospels and other artifacts that turned out to be stolen.


The full text of the federal complaint is here. The article posts, summarizes, and discusses it.

Over at Evangelical Textual Criticism, Peter Gurry links to the article and complaint and has a briefer summary and discussion: Hobby Lobby Sues Obbink for $7m.

For PaleoJudaica posts on the Oxford missing-papyri scandal and its alleged connections with Dirk Obbink and Hobby Lobby, see here and here and links. For the various other problems with the provenance and authenticity of artifacts associated with the Museum of the Bible and the Green Collection, see here and here and follow the many links.

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