Saturday, June 05, 2021

The salads Goliath's ancestors ate

CUNLIARY ARCHAEOLOGY: What kind of salads did the Canaanites eat? The researchers analyzed more than 3,500 plant finds and identified emmer, lentils, pistachio, grass peas, figs, olives, flax, barley and grapes, among others (Rossella Tercatin, Jerusalem Post).
The botanical finds, mostly charred seeds and other plant remains, allowed the researchers to understand not only what kind of food the ancient Canaanites ate, but also how they warmed up their houses, where their fields were located, the seasons of the crops, how work was split between agriculture and herding, and how Gath related to the contemporary commercial routes.
The JP article refers to an underlying article in the Journal of Archaeological Science, but that paper does not yet appear on the journal's website.

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