Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Codex Sassoon meets its buyer for 1st time

THE BUYER: Alfred Moses sees the Codex Sassoon he bought for over $30 million for the 1st time. Surrounded by family, the 93-year-old former US ambassador views the 1,200-year-old Bible, which he donated to the ANU Museum in Tel Aviv ‘for the Jewish people (JACKIE HAJDENBERG, JTA via Times of Israel).
Part of the reason he decided to give the book to ANU — an institution he has supported for years, including as chair of its honorary board — is that he sees it as serving Jews worldwide. He feels other prestigious homes for historical artifacts in the country, such as the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, are meant to cater to Israelis specifically.

“It’s the museum of the Jewish people and I wanted the codex to go to the Jewish people,” he said. “The Israel Museum is wonderful. But that’s the museum for Israel. I wanted the codex to be for the Jewish people.”

For the story of the Codex Sassoon – roughly the oldest nearly complete copy of the Hebrew Bible – and its recent sale, see here and follow the links.

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