Friday, March 12, 2004

TERRORISM IN MADRID: Let me join with Mark Goodacre in extending sympathy, prayers, and shared outrage for our Spanish friends, including blogger Rub�n G�mez, concerning the cowardly terrorist attacks in Madrid. It still seems to be up in the air whether the perpetrators were ETA or Al Qaeda, but, whoever they are, we must hunt them down, bring them to justice, and smash their organization without mercy.

UPDATE: I've just e-mailed a note of sympathy to the Spanish Embassy in London. If you are in Britain and would like to do the same, follow the link for contact information. If you're in the United States, Glenn Reynolds has links to contact information there.

UPDATE: The Spanish Embassy replies:
Muy agradecido por sus palabras de p�same en estos tr�gicos momentos.

Se convoca a las personas interesadas a un minuto de silencio el viernes 12 de marzo de 2004, a las 13.00 horas delante de la puerta de esta Embajada (24 Belgrave Square; London SW1X 8QA)

La misa en memoria de las victimas del atentado terrorista se celebrar� en la Catedral (no la Abad�a) de Westminster (Victoria Street, Londres SW1) hoy 12 de marzo, a las 20.00 horas, habi�ndose cancelado la misa prevista en la Capellan�a Espa�ola.

El Embajador de Espa�a

We are most grateful for your sincere condolences during these tragic moments.

For anyone who wishes to express their condolences there will be a minute's silence at 13.hrs on Friday 12th March outside the main entrance of the Spanish Embassy at 24 Belgrave Square; London SW1X 8QA

The Westminster cathedral (Victoria Street, London SW1) will conduct a service in memory of the victims of this terrorist attack on the 12th March at 20.00 hrs.

The Spanish Ambassador

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