Friday, March 12, 2004

Mattel Toys is currently negotiating with Mel Gibson and his production company to put out a set of toy dolls of Jesus Chris, Mary, Mary Magdalena, Caiphas and Pontius Pilate.

"The toys will be very tasteful," stated a VP of Mattel who wished to remain anonymous, "Kids will be able to play out at home the final hours of Jesus' death. It is very educational and entertaining. We think kids, regardless of their religion, are going to love these toys. For example, you can actually pull a string behind Jesus' back and he speaks to you in Aramaic."

But, sad to say, so is this:
Merriam-Webster, Incorporated, the company which makes Webster's dictionary, is publishing a new "Aramaic Dictionary" for those with the interest in learning how to speak Aramaic.

"We are seeing a renewed interest in Aramaic," stated Bill Spelitrite, "People really want to either learn the language or understand what Jesus was saying in Mel Gibson's movie. Therefore, in response to market demand, we are publishing a new set of Aramaic dictionaries and translators to help people. We are already sold out of the translators. We are working on new versions that cover not only English, but also Spanish, French, Italian and German."

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