Friday, March 12, 2004

WAQF WALL TAKEN DOWN, but not the concrete structure behind it. So Arutz Sheva reports:


Today's incident concerns a concrete structure and a wall around it that the Moslem Waqf constructed illegally just to the south of the Temple Mount. [Archaeologist] Dr. [Eilat] Mazar says that the Waqf is continuing its program of "turning the entire Temple Mount compound into a large mosque, with absolutely no Jewish, Christian or other presence there. The archaeology there absolutely does not interest them; they merely want to cover up all signs of Jewish history there. The wall they built there in just a few hours this week was designed to hide the beautiful Herodian walls at the majestic south-east corner of the Temple Mount, and erase all vestiges of Jewish presence."

Waqf workers in fact removed the wall this morning - but Dr. Mazar says that the struggle is not over: "Behind the wall stands a concrete structure, which they have not removed, but which is equally illegal - and it also must be taken down."

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