Friday, April 30, 2004

ARCHAEOLOGY MAGAZINE has a new issue out (May/June 2004). In it, inter alia, President Jane C. Waldbaum decries the lack of attention to antiquities in Afghanistan in favor of Iraq; Lisa Young has a brief look at the forged Michigan Relics (discussed earlier on PaleoJudaica); and Eric A. Powell profiles a husband-wife archaeologist team who write historical (well, prehistorical) novels. (May they outsell The Da Vinci Code!) Plus, Ramses I (or, at any rate, some Egyptian king) has returned to Cairo from Canada. There are lots of other goodies too, so have a look at the main page.

UPDATE (1 May): Chuck Jones e-mails:
That mummy you mentioned from Archaeology magazine was actually returned from the Michael Carlos Museum At Emory University in Atlanta. Some years ago, they had purchased it from a Niagara Falls (CA) freak show, where it had been on exhibit, more or less unnoticed, for ages.

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