Tuesday, April 27, 2004

HE'S BACK! Francis Deblauwe's 2003 Iraq War & Archaeology website is up and running again. I missed this IraqCrisis message yesterday due to our Internet outage and subsequent backlog of messages. He writes:
The 2003 Iraq War & Archaeology site was on hiatus from April 4 to 24 due to the fact that my Mac computer died and I lacked the funds to buy a new one right away. The possible donation of a computer by a foundation eventually fell through because I am not affiliated: the classic catch-22 as that was exactly the reason why I needed help in the first place... However, Jim Davila and Jack Sasson were so kind to launch an appeal on my behalf via the internet. I received enough donations to allow me to purchase a new eMac, beefed up with RAM that I salvaged from my broken iMac. I was also able to rescue my old hard drive. With a few more donations I might get some professional web software, e.g., Dreamweaver, so as to improve the design and speed up the updating process. I sincerely want to thank all that have provided assistance.

Let me second that. Thanks to all the readers of IraqCrisis, PaleoJudaica, etc., who made a contribution. And, if you haven't yet, it sounds like he could still use some more help.

Welcome back, Francis.

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