Monday, March 25, 2019

Exodus, Moses, and plagues, oh my!

PASSOVER IS COMING and Bible History Daily is getting ready, with three relevant essays:

Exodus in the Bible and the Egyptian Plagues. Can we make sense of the Biblical plagues? This includes a 1990 essay by Ziony Zevitt from Bible Review.

Who Was Moses? Was He More than an Exodus Hero? Discovering the Biblical Moses. Includes a 2000 essay by Peter Machinist, also from Bible Review. It has been published a couple of times by BHD since. I noted it in 2016.

The Exodus: Fact or Fiction? Evidence of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt. Previously published in 2016 in connection with a pay-only BAR article by Manfred Bietak, but I missed it then.

Some other posts on the question of the historicity of the Exodus are here, here and link, and (sort of) here.

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