Wednesday, March 27, 2019

More on the Tomb of Ezekiel

MIDDLE EAST EYE: Babylon's forgotten tomb, a symbol of Iraq's ancient Jewish heritage. Prophet Ezekiel’s burial place demonstrates religious diversity and promotes the coexistence of faiths (Lizzie Porter).
Today, managers at Ezekiel’s tomb say visitors of all faiths are welcome and that they do not ask visitors about their sect or religion.

“Those who come to us are of different nationalities. We do not care about their religion,” said [assistant shrine keeper Haytham] Alkhafaji.

“The site is a fascinating place as well as essentially the most important Jewish pilgrimage site in modern-day Iraq,” said Alex Shams, who is researching shrines for his PhD in anthropology at the University of Chicago.

He visited Ezekiel’s tomb last November during Arba’een, the most significant annual Shia Muslim pilgrimage that sees millions of the faithful walk from Najaf to Karbala
The (traditional) Tomb of Ezekiel in Kifl, Iraq, has been renovated and has been receiving some media attention. This article covers the basic facts well and tries to be evenhanded about the politics. I suspect everyone will find something to disagree with on that subject.

I hope the renovators find the millions in funding that they still need. It will probably have to come from private philanthropy, if it comes. Iraq is not a recommended tourist destination yet. Not by any means. I hope it gets there someday.

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