Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Still following those Temple treasures

THE HOLY LAND PHOTOS' BLOG: A.D. 70 The Destruction of the Temple — Where did the Temple Treasure Go? Part 3. Carl Rasmussen (with his sources, Brandfon and Billington) follows Procopius's account that the treasures were carried from Rome to Carthage by the Vandals, then to Constantinople. they were finally sent by Justinian back to unidentified Christian sanctuaries in Jerusalem.

Carl's sources hold the view that the treasures were put in the Nea Church (on which more, recently, here). Well, it does have a lot of vaults. But unless there is new information that I don't know about, placing them there is speculation.

Some years ago, Sean Kingsley wrote a book about the fate of the Temple treasures, God's Gold. Kingsley too follows Procopius and has the treasures returned to Jerusalem by Justinian, but he infers (guesses) that they were kept in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Holy Sepulchre). I blogged on the book (and yes, I did finish it) here and links.

Past posts in Carl's series on the Temple treasures are here and links. One more to go.

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