Tuesday, March 26, 2019

New series on the life of Jesus

REVIEW: ‘Jesus: His Life’: a fresh take on the world’s most studied character (John Anderson, America Magazine).
Much about this ambitious series, produced by the U.K.-based Nutopia studio (“Finding Jesus,” “Civilisations”), hews to the established History aesthetic: Dramatic re-enactments that no one will ever confuse with the work of Cecil B. DeMille and background music that roils and swells like an angry Red Sea. But there is also an intellectual integrity at work, and a structure that provides a fresh way of looking at the world’s already most studied life.
The review is based on the first two of eight total episodes.

Also, the University of Iowa has a press release on the series and the contribution to it of Professor Robert Cargill (who is also the chief editor of Biblical Archaeology Review): UI religious-studies professor assists in History Channel docu-series ‘Jesus: His Life.’ (Annie Fitzpatrick, The Daily Iowan).

Professor Mark Goodacre, of Duke University, was also involved.

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