Thursday, March 10, 2016

Channeling Metatron

ARCHANGEL METATRON WATCH: Dede Hart Energy - Energy Clearing Just in Time for Spring (Deerfield Review, Chicago Tribune). As always with PaleoJudaica, my linking to a site does not necessarily count as an endorsement of that site. Here my interest is sociological: the Archangel Metatron is alive and well in the New Age realm.
Dede primarily works with the vibrational frequency of the arch angelic realm. The session is one hour of verbal discussion while the energy works its way through the body and auric field.
"After the session, many people are returned to their natural rhythms, bringing vibrant health and well-being."

As she sums it up perfectly, "Energy in action."

"I am currently working on completing a book of channelled sessions with Archangel Metatron called Spark: Igniting the Human Heart. I live in the Chicago area, and counsel clients in person and by phone."