Thursday, March 10, 2016

More on ancient music

ANCIENT AUDIO: What does the oldest human music in the world sound like? Songs and melodies transcend time in a way no other language can. (STARRE VARTAN, Mother Nature Network). This is obviously a New Age site and should be used with caution, but Hurrian Hymn 6 and the Seikilos Epitaph are both real things. You can read more about the former here, on a page by retired UCLA Assyriologist Giorgio Buccellati.

All this further to yesterday's post "Ancient Jewish music?" I am very far from being a paleo-musicologist and I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the audio reconstructions of the Hurrian and Greek melodies. Nor can I say if they in any way illuminate our understanding of ancient Jewish music. I doubt it. But the songs are nice. Enjoy.