Friday, March 11, 2016

Video: Boyarin on Metatron

ARCHANGEL METATRON WATCH: Daniel Boyarin: Enoch or Jesus? The Quest of the Historical Metatron (Biblical Studies online).
Professor Daniel Boyarin (University of California, Berkeley) presents the 2016 Shaffer Lecture in Theology, at Yale Divinity School, in three parts, on March 8, 9, and 10. The topic of his series is “Enoch or Jesus? The Quest of the Historical Metatron”.

In the series, Professor Boyarin furthers his defence of the ancient roots of a greater and subordinate second god within Judaism, the “two powers in heaven”. In the lectures, he lays out the development of a complex binitarian theology in both early Judaism and early Christianity. He also disagrees with Peter Schäfer.
There are links to videos of three recent lectures by Professor Boyarin. Background on his published work on this subject and on Peter Schäfer's response to it is here and links.