Thursday, March 10, 2016

Schmid, Schriftgelehrte Traditionsliteratur

Schriftgelehrte Traditionsliteratur
Fallstudien zur innerbiblischen Schriftauslegung im Alten Testament

[Scribal Exegesis: Case Studies in the Inner-Biblical Interpretation of the Old Testament. Student Edition.]
2011; Unveränd. Studienausg. 2016. VIII, 339 pages.
Forschungen zum Alten Testament 77

39,00 €
ISBN 978-3-16-154364-7

Published in German.
Recent research has shown that the Old Testament books largely consist of both text and commentary in one. The composition of the Old Testament as a written text can be interpreted as the differentiated process of scriptural exegesis within the Bible, a process which repeatedly updated traditional texts in order to apply them to new historical situations. It was not until the texts became canonical that the texts and commentaries were separated permanently. The various studies by Konrad Schmid in this volume investigates the culture of writing and the composition of literary works in ancient Israel, presents several case studies of inner-biblical exegesis in the Old Testament and reflects on the resulting theological significance. The image of the Old Testament as traditional scribal literature as portrayed by recent Old Testament studies lays the foundation for a historically differentiated and theologically dynamic view of the Bible.
Originally published in 2011, but I did not note it then, so this is a good opportunity to do so.