Sunday, July 31, 2016

Plastic Numidian cavalry

PUNIC WATCH: Numidian Cavalry in 28mm... (Robin Buckland, Miltary Modeling).
VXA022 Numidian Cavalry are now on general release. - 12 highly detailed models at £19.95.

Victrix are really pleased to announce the release of the 28mm hard plastic Numidian cavalry. This is a 12 miniature set packed with pose options and fantastic detail. The Numidians were from North Africa, around modern day Tunisia and Morocco. They were superb light cavalry and supplied large quantities of horsemen to their... close neighbours the Carthaginians. Numidian cavalry excelled in skirmishing, hit and run tactics. They would shower their enemy with javelin fire and run away to avoid contact and then wheel around again to pelt the enemy with yet more missiles. They were often used as scouts and in pitched battles would outflank the enemy and wait in ambush. They fought brilliantly for Hannibal during the second Punic wars, being major factors in his defeats of the Romans at the Trebia, Lake Trasimene and Cannae and they were also responsible for beating the Romans in Spain at the battles of Castulo and Ilorici under their charismatic and brilliant chieftan Masinissa.

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