Monday, September 26, 2016

Nabatean inscriptions

AWOL: Nabataean: Corpus of Nabataean Inscriptions.
The Corpus of Nabataean inscriptions on DASI has been accomplished thanks to the agreement with the CNRS laboratory UMR 8167 – Mondes Sémitiques, under the scientific supervision of L. Nehmé. Presently it includes all the tomb inscriptions from Hegra.
Nabatean was the written Aramaic dialect that was the official language of the ancient Arabic-speaking Nabateans in the region of modern Jordan extending into northwestern Saudi Arabia. It's script was the basis for the later Arabic alphabet. More on that here. For much more on the Nabateans (Nabataeans) see the immediately preceding post on The gardens of Petra and follow the links, or run "Nabatean (Nabataean) Watch" through the blog search engine.