Monday, February 13, 2017

King Tut and the Chambers of Secrets?

TECHNOLOGY WATCH: Does King Tutankhamun's tomb hold Queen Nefertiti's remains? New scans could reveal secret burial chambers hidden for 3,300 years (Ellie Zolfagharifard, Daily Mail).
• Some believe there are two ghost chambers and one may hold Nefertiti
• Previously scans led experts to say they were '90% sure' this was the case
• Second set of scans was recently done by National Geographic Society
• No announcement made, but sources say it did not find hidden rooms
• Polytechnic University Turin, Italy, plans to resume the search later this month
For background on this story, see here and follow the links. The news now is that (1) the National Geographic Society did some scans on the tomb and they have not announced that they found evidence of any secret chambers, but (2) the Polytechnic University Turin is going to do yet more scans. Maybe someday someone will find something. Not holding my breath.