Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Schellenberg & Kruger, Sounding Sensory Profiles in The Ancient Near East

Sounding Sensory Profiles in The Ancient Near East
Annette Schellenberg (Editor), Thomas Kruger (Editor)

ISBN 9781628372410
Status Available
Price: $59.95
Binding Paperback
Publication Date July 2019

An interdisciplinary essay collection from an international group of experts

For several decades sociologists and cultural anthropologists have intensively researched the role of the senses in a variety of cultures, and their studies show how diverse cultures understand and evaluate the five or more senses differently. In this collection of eighteen essays, biblical and ancient Near Eastern scholars, as well as cultural anthropologists, apply the questions and methods from anthropological and sociological studies to Israel, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. Experts offer insights into the meaning of the senses in the ancient world, examining the classical senses (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting) as well as other senses (such as kinesthesis and the sense of balance) and sense-related issues (such as disgust, sensory imagination, and disabilities). This collection provides a stimulus and a basis for students and scholars to explore the senses in the ancient Near East.


  • Exploration of the relationship between sensory experience and reasoning
  • Assessments of how theory and practice of the senses relate to each other
  • Essays examining connections between emotions and senses

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