Tuesday, August 07, 2018

No, the Western Wall isn't "falling apart."

TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: Western Wall is falling apart after 2,000 years (Anshel Pfeffer, London Times).
Archaeologists are planning an unprecedented survey of Jerusalem’s Western Wall after a large slab of stone fell and landed near worshippers.

There are concerns for the safety of the thousands of pilgrims who visit Judaism’s oldest standing relic after the stone fell feet away from a woman praying at the wall. A small part of the prayer area near the wall has been closed off since the incident two weeks ago. Experts are divided on whether more stones are about to fall or if it was a one-off occurrence. Archaeologists and engineers who have been called in are stumped.

There is genuine reason for concern here. It does look as though the IAA is taking appropriate steps.

It's good that the Times has taken up the story. But it's disappointing to see their editors garnish it with a tabloid, clickbait headline. As usual, let me underline that I do not hold the reporter responsible for the headline.

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