Thursday, July 07, 2016

Another review of Breed, Nomadic Text

REVIEWS OF BIBLICAL AND EARLY CHRISTIAN STUDIES: Nomadic Text: A Theory of Biblical Reception History.
2016.07.12 | Brennan W. Breed. Nomadic Text: A Theory of Biblical Reception History. Indiana Series in Biblical Literature. Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2014. pp.xii + 299. ISBN: 978-0-253-01252-4.

Review article by Kengo Akiyama.

Many thanks to Indiana University Press for providing a review copy.
At any rate, while Breed is not the first to critique the concept of the original meaning, rare are the works that engage meaningfully with literary theory and relate the insights of ‘theory’ to biblical scholarship. The book is well written, and the thesis is clearly argued with ample supporting evidence and sustained engagement with a great mass of secondary literature. This book is highly recommended not only for reception historians but also for biblical scholars in general.
HT James McGrath on Facebook. An earlier review of the book was noted here.