Saturday, July 09, 2016

Change Workshop at Helsinki

The workshop on patterns of change in the development of biblical texts, a CSTT-organized event in Helsinki in the month of May, showcased important examples of textual differences that are attested by the different witnesses to the Hebrew Bible. The variety of texts on display was intentionally chosen in order to facilitate a comparison of how different types of texts developed over time. Each session introduced cases of textual variance that range from small differences to large scale differences that may be described as editorial changes. Here is a list of the presenters and the topics of their workshop sessions ...
There follows a brief report. Somehow I seem to have missed announcements of this workshop, but here are the basic details:
The workshop ”Patterns of Change in Literary Development” was a CSTT-organized event on the documented editing of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament that took place in Helsinki, May 23.-24. 2016.
HT Drew Longacre at the OTTC Blog.

UPDATE (10 July). Typo in header corrected. Apologies!